Extend AWS Cloud Capabilities through TD SYNNEX New FinOps COE

Mark Newton & Rob Ford FinOps Field CTO at TD SYNNEX & VP of Enterprise Strategy at CoreStack

Many businesses are turning to cloud to improve their agility and cost efficiency. AWS, a leading cloud service provider, offers a wide range of cloud services and solutions to help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals. However, navigating the complexity of the AWS cloud can be challenging for many organizations, especially when it comes to managing their cloud infrastructure and applications. There is a rising need to create a financial operations practice to ensure that businesses can operate efficiently and sustainably in the cloud, by monitoring and optimizing their cloud spending.

TD SYNNEX is launching their newest AWS Cloud offering to help partners kickstart their financial operations journey, the AWS FinOps COE. The goal of the TD SYNNEX FinOps COE service is to help organizations reduce their cloud spending and maximize the value they get from their cloud investments, while ensuring that they have the resources they need to support their business operations. In collaboration with TD SYNNEX and CoreStack, AWS customers can take advantage of this powerful solution to optimize their cloud infrastructure and achieve their digital transformation goals.

CoreStack is a cloud management solution provider that offers a cloud governance and compliance platform for AWS customers. Corestack partners can extend the capabilities of their cloud infrastructure and drive greater value from their investments. Through the FinOps COE, TD SYNNEX partners can augment and optimize their FinOps capabilities in both new and existing AWS environments.

This offering is designed to provide organizations with real-time insights into their cloud usage and costs, so they can better manage their cloud resources and expenses. The service uses a combination of automation, analytics, and reporting to help organizations identify areas where they can optimize their cloud spending, such as by identifying unused or underutilized resources.

According to Mark Newton, FinOps Field CTO at TD SYNNEX, "The TD SYNNEX FinOps COE solution is a game-changer for organizations that are looking to optimize their cloud spending. With this service, our customers can gain real-time insights into their cloud usage and costs and make data-driven decisions to reduce their cloud spending and maximize their ROI."

TD SYNNEX leverages the FinOps Framework created by the FinOps Foundation as a roadmap for the optimal FinOps journey. The framework is compromised of six principles:

  1. Understanding Cloud Usage and Cost
  2. Performance Tracking and Benchmarking
  3. Real-Time Decision Making
  4. Cloud Rate Optimization
  5. Cloud Usage Optimization
  6. Organizational Alignment

The TD SYNNEX FinOps COE can support each of your AWS opportunities by recommending the right programs — including the TD SYNNEX Workload Migration Assessment, AWS Migration Acceleration Program and AWS Well-Architected Framework — to help with rate and usage optimization.

As more organizations embrace the cloud, partnerships like this one will play an increasingly important role in helping them unlock the full potential of their cloud investments. According to Rob Ford, VP of Enterprise Strategy at CoreStack, "Our partnership with TD SYNNEX will enable us to reach a wider audience of AWS customers and provide them with the tools they need to optimize their cloud infrastructure. We are excited to work with TD SYNNEX to help organizations achieve their cloud transformation goals."

Reach out to Mark.Newton@tdsynnex.com request a FinOps Overview Training. You can also check out our AWS FinOps Resource Page to learn more and get updates!