Partner Story: T2 Technology Group and TD SYNNEX Provide Remediation and Support for Mesa Water’s AWS Environment

Scott Manicke

Executive Summary

Mesa Water provides high-quality drinking water to residents and businesses in and around Costa Mesa, CA.  Mesa Water is committed to the highest standards for customer service, water awareness and conservation, reliable water delivery, and transparent financial leadership.


Mesa Water uses services deployed in AWS as part of their IT landscape.   They are subject to audits and periodic security reviews.   With the use of third-party scanning tools in addition to the native AWS Well Architected Framework Review tools, the partner, T2 Tech Group, identified several items recommended for remediation in the Mesa Water AWS environment.   Remediation of these issues will ensure the audit review success as well as maintain a higher level of security posture within the environment.


About the Partner

T2 Tech is a leading technology consulting/advisory practice of T2 Group, serving many of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare systems. Our team of technology experts delivers transformational solutions to complex technology challenges that align IT strategies with business strategies.

  • Headquarters: Torrance, CA
  • Founded: 2006
  • Size: 51 to 200
  • Employees Website:
  • T2 Tech AWS Partner Programs:
  • Select Tier Services
  • Authorized Commercial Reseller
  • AWS Public Sector Partner


About the Customer

Mesa Water serves the community in and around Mesa Costa CA, which was once known as Harper or the “coastal tableland”, which was formed in the early 1900s.  Throughout the years several water providing companies were formed to serve both the local residential and agricultural needs.  In 1953, the city of Costa Mesa became an incorporated city and in 1955, it created a municipal water system to serve the local 4 districts and beyond.  Edmund Gerald Brown, Sr. signed Senate Bill 1375, the Cost Mesa District Merger Law, on June 30th, 1959.  This created what is known as Mesa Water today, which commenced operations on January 1st, 1960.


Today Mesa Water continues to invest in and proactively maintain their infrastructure which pumps, treats, and delivers nearly 5 billion gallons of quality drinking water to homes and businesses each year.


Customer Challenge

Mesa Water is leveraging public cloud services to continually deliver the latest technology and services to their customers.   As a public utility company, they are subject to general audits and security reviews.   While leveraging AWS for public cloud services, they need to periodically review the environment and services in regard to compliance by following best-practice guidelines provided in the AWS Well Architected Framework documentation.   By maintaining their compliance validation, and ultimately the best-practice posture with regards to Well Architected Framework, they can offer the most operational, secure, reliable, efficient services to their customers.



Mesa Water required a cloud solution which could address their monitoring, security, backup, and system capacity needs. T2 assessment of Mesa Water's business requirements and infrastructure assessment recognized that by moving to AWS they could leverage native cloud security which was more secure than which Mesa Water could offer and spend in their existing environments.  Also by leveraging dedicated circuits and multi-regional AWS support, Mesa Water with the guidance of T2, was able to leverage cloud availability to support their end customers with a highly available solution resist to natural disasters, such as earthquakes. .


Why the Customer Chose the Partner

T2 has over 30 years of experience in providing technology solutions to businesses.  The experienced team and their refined assessment processes easily assist their customers in any new technology solution delivery, include public cloud and AWS services.


Partner Solution

T2 partnered with TD SYNNEX to enable cross company validation and remediation of any items related to risk in the Mesa Water environment. By leveraging both companies’ software including native AWS and third-party tools, AWS Well Architected review methodologies, and general AWS experience.


Results and Benefits

T2 and TD SYNNEX were able to remediate %90 of the HRIs detected via Trusted Advisor, Security Hub and AWS Config in the production environment. AWS Well-Architected Frameworks best practices were utilized to secure, audit and monitor the deployed workloads.



Next Steps

T2, along with the help of TD SYNNEX, plan to periodically re-evaluate the Mesa Water Environment on a calendar cycle to continually monitor for best practice as well as new potential service capabilities.   This will ensure Mesa Water can continue to deliver quality services to its customers using the latest technology from AWS.


T2 and TD SYNNEX have agreed to continue to review the Cost and Usage reports and re-evaluate any budgeting alerts to ensure Cost Optimization is being met via right sizing and monitoring.


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