On-Prem Software Made Easy with Microsoft’s New Offering: Perpetual Software in CSP!

Amanda Pollard Vendor Marketing Manager

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With Tech Data and Microsoft, digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword- it’s the new reality as Microsoft continues to introduce the new commerce experience.  To further drive the transformation, Tech Data is expanding the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program for Perpetual Software – now allowing you to purchase Microsoft On-Premise licenses through our StreamOne Cloud Platform.

What is Perpetual Software in CSP?

Microsoft’s Perpetual in CSP program entitles customers to purchase on-premise software licenses that can be used in perpetuity. Through Perpetual in CSP, partners make a one-time payment for licenses up-front and fulfill the order by providing the product key(s) and making the software available for download by the end customer.

So, what are the benefits of transitioning to Perpetual Software to CSP:

Perpetual Software in CSP introduces software licenses into a cloud-focused program to enhance profitability, cost predictability and a streamlined sales process with a single commerce platform.  Through the new experience, it expands CSP opportunities for partners such as:

Reducing Costs: The saying “time is money” is not always just a catch phrase. Through leveraging software in CSP, partners not only reduce time spent managing multiple licensing programs but can also reap the benefits of saving costs associated.

Growing Your Business: Partners can take advantage of the benefits of the CSP program that allows them to drive their cloud revenue through continuous selling in one streamlined program.

Expanding Your Value-Added Services: The new streamlined experience allows partners to focus on integrating value-added services, building unique solutions and enhancing the customer experience overall.

It’s not just beneficial for you, your customers also benefit through a simplified purchasing experience with accelerated sales and delivery cycle and a one-stop destination for customers with hybrid purchasing needs who want to transact with a single partner.

What are the differences between the Open Program and Perpetual on CSP program?

Before you make the transition, check out the FAQ here to learn more about Perpetual Software on CSP.

Getting started?

For more information, contact the Tech Data Microsoft Cloud Team at 1-800-237-8931 ext.5545006 or email Microsoft@techdata.com.

Amanda Pollard has been a part of the Microsoft Cloud Team at Tech Data for almost 2 years. As a Vendor Marketing Manager, she specializes in supporting the execution of our strategic go-to-market strategy. In addition, Amanda has earned an Inbound Marketing certification from HubSpot, an Azure Fundamentals certification and an IBM Design Thinking certification. From her academic career, Amanda brings experience in creative strategies and marketing.