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TD SYNNEX Coaches is an online network designed to streamline your and your colleagues’ connections to channel experts in our ecosystem. Whether you are a traditional IT reseller or a seasoned services provider, our ecosystem of experts can help you and your team members get matched and build your connections with ease. Best of all, getting started is cost-free.

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Neha Vedhanayagam

Superpower: Microsoft Operations

“I have chosen to be a coach to offer helpful resources to the TD SYNNEX partner community. I can help you maximize your partnership with TD SYNNEX and advance in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. I am also well connected to both companies and can facilitate valuable connections to our business consulting services and network of Microsoft subject matter experiences.”

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Scott Manicke

Superpower: Cloud Services (Public, Private & Hybrid)

“I have always been passionate about IT and helping people with their needs. I enjoy sharing my years of IT knowledge and skills with our partners and their end customers for successful solutions delivery. I also enjoy learning new things through all the different cloud projects my team takes on. We offer services from general assessments to complex migrations, modernization, and hybrid cloud adoption. We have all evolved from the data center, so we understand data center solutions and the large public cloud hyperscalers. This enables us to deliver true hybrid environment solutions.”

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Luisa Rivera-Soria

Superpower: Microsoft Onboarding, Hyper Scaler

“Suppose you are an IT Solution Provider in the business of reselling AWS, Microsoft, or Google Cloud. I help you become an indirect reseller with TD SYNNEX and make the most of your relationship. From getting familiar with our Cloud Marketplaces to navigating the Microsoft Partner Center, I’m here to support you and your team!”

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Jade Witte

Superpower: Security Strategy

“I love helping our partner community create cybersecurity practices or take existing ones to the next level. One shared challenge many IT companies face is establishing a proactive rather than reactive business strategy. It is not easy to do, but companies that refine their approach can often differentiate themselves and stand out against their competitors.”

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